Thursday, May 28, 2009

Earlied Birthday Celebration!

A Million Thanks to U Guys...

Friends rushed in and out of our life.. But only True Friends remain..
Friends, really thanks for all this.. knowing that sunday (My Big Day- 31st May)..
everyone is gonna be busy goin back to hometown to spend time with parents..
they celebrated my big day few days earlier..
Thanks to-

Kher Li
Siew Wai
Siem Qing
Yuet Yan
Wen Sze
Jason Goh
Ning Jui

Had a nice lunch at Sushi Zan Mai..
Pictures of the delicious raw and cooked..

BBQ Chick Stix



Soft Shell Crab Sushi

Katsu Cold Ramen


After an hour of 'BATTLE'....

This is the gift from them to me.. Once again.. THANKS!!

Bracelet and Necklace from PADINI.

After lunch, went to sing k in AMP SQUARE. (The PA system SUX..)
Then met up with Alan and Denny for dinner..
And not forgetting a needed gift from Alan, bro that is always beside me..
Thanks, I really need this...

RipCurl's Wallet...
Really dunno what to say.. just a simple word- Thanks.
Thats it for now.. more pictures to be uploaded soon..
**3 More days to... MY BIG DAY!

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